Countdown till X'24






The C64 party you yet again can't afford to miss.

The X parties are renowned in the demoscene since 1995. Each edition just gets louder, colorfuller, stupider, drunker and straight up awesomer. As usual, Silicon Ltd, SCS*TRC and Xenon invite you to join us in celebrating 8-bit culture.

We start Friday May 10th until Sunday May 12th in Someren, the Netherlands. To us, the Commodore 64 home computer is more than just an ancient relic of pre-internet technology. It's our voice, our art, our dreams and desires all packed into a machine that some people would use as mere vintage living room decoration.

It's our weapon of choice to create amazing art within a very limited scope, and we're damn proud of that!


X 2024

The party will continue once every two years

We are pretty much ready to start another great party in less than 3 weeks!

Please note that there will be no X in 2025, as we are moving back to the bi-annual cadence in even years.

There are still tickets & sleeping facilities available for X'24. You can order your ticket at any time here on this website.

See you in a couple of weeks!


David John Pleasance at X

Q&A with the sales manager of Commodore International

We are very glad to announce that David John Pleasance will be attending X-2024.
David John Pleasance started out as a salesman in financial products, before taking a job as a sales manager at Commodore UK in 1982. He climbed rapidly through the ranks to become head of Switzerland-based Commodore Electronics in 1988, and sales manager of Commodore International in the USA in 1991. In 1992 he returned to the UK to assume joint managership of Commodore UK with Colin Proudfoot when they spearheaded an attempt to field a bid for the failing US parent company in 1994. That gives him an unparalleled view of the tech giant’s rise and its eventual fall. It also affords him a great insight into why the 80’s and 90’s computers were so special.


Live Performances and DJ Sets

Enjoy the music and engage in SID Dancing!

Are you ready for a Friday night filled with awesome music? Our resident performers Reyn Ouwehand and Jeroen Tel will be back once again and to bring back the X'08 vibes, Burglar is also back mixing sids with 100% SID Part 2 featuring Dalezy, LMan, Encore, Juzdie and many more!
Don't miss this chance and see you on the dance floor!


Join The Commodore Frenzy!

Be there to feel the vibe of the Commodore 64 Scene.

Step into a time machine and relive your youth by joining us at the biggest Commodore event worldwide. Bring your computer and discover the world of creativity, fun and excitement. Nothing beats watching a demo and hear to audience respond in awe. Meet your scene friends from long way past and grab a free beer. Whether you are a veteran or you want to show off your skills, it must be seen to be believed.