The X Party saga...

Where Legends Began.

In the early 90s, a group of visionary demosceners from SCS*TRC, Silicon Ltd, and Xenon sparked a revolution. They saw more than a computer in the Commodore 64; they envisioned a canvas for unbridled creativity and digital artistry. This was the birth of X – not just a party, but a movement, celebrating the C64 as a tool of artistic expression, a beacon for a community of dreamers and doers.

Founding Vision.

It all began with a daring idea by the founders of Silicon Ltd, SCS*TRC, and Xenon. Their passion for the C64 and its potential for creative expression led to the first X party in Utrecht, 1995. What started as a gathering for enthusiasts evolved into the world's largest C64 demoscene party.


From its inception, X has been about pushing boundaries. Transitioning exclusively to the C64 in 1998, it became a sanctuary for 8-bit creativity. Each event, from the cosy beginnings in Utrecht to the vibrant gatherings in Someren, writes a new chapter in this epic.

Iconic Events.

Each X party is a testament to the enduring allure of the C64. They're not just events; they're celebrations of a pioneering spirit, marked by unique themes and memorable moments.

Legacy of Performances & Competitions.

X's history is rich with electrifying performances and groundbreaking competitions. It's where talents like Reyn Ouwehand and Jeroen Tel have dazzled, and where demos and intros have redefined the limits of C64 art.

Creators of

Facet / G*P Bonzai Lemon


TPM / Silicon Ltd



Burglar / SCS*TRC